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6th Annual Conference of Indian Medical Association, Ap State Branch


Dr. N. Subrahmanyam, retired professor of Neuro Surgery and Chief Neuro Surgeon – King George Hospital, was sworn in as new President of IMA – Andhra Pradesh state branch.

Other members of the state executive were also sworn in.

Sri Alla Kali Krishna Srinivas – Hon’ble Minister for Medical Health and Family Welfare, attended as Chief Guest. Guests of Honor included Dr. S. Appala Raju – Hon’ble Minister of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry – Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Smt. B.V. Satyavathi – Hon’ble Member of Parliament – Anakapalle, Sri. M.V.V. Satyanarayana – Member of Parliament – Visakhapatnam, Sri. Anil Kumar Singhal – Principal Secretary – Medical Health and Family Welfare – Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Rajan Sharma – National President – Indian Medical Association and Dr. R.V. Ashokan Hon. Secretary General – Indian Medical Association.

In his Presidential address Dr. Subrahmanyam, thanked the members of IMA for electing him and assured that he will do his best for the protection and welfare of all the members of IMA with his vast experience of three decades of Government Service and four decades of service for IMA.

Dr. N. Subrahmanyam said that IMA will maintain cordial relations with the Government. Certain long standing pending issues which were unresolved were brought to the notice of the Ministers and the MPs.

1) Government giving Aarogyasri for the expenses even above Rs. 1000 and as only bigger hospitals are empanelled in Aarogyasri, smaller hospitals are affected. So he requested for empanelment of smaller hospitals in Aarogyasri.

2) He also requested for issuing fire safety clearances for hospital buildings of less than 15 meters.

3) He requested for single window facility for all licenses to be given to hospitals.

4) Assault on doctors:

a. IMA is fighting for stringent Act to punish people indulging in violence on doctors and hospitals. 11/2008 Act brought by the Andhra Pradesh Government is not properly implemented due to misunderstanding in Police Department. To make it effective, necessary amendments in CPC should be done.

5) Medical and Health reforms committee of Government of Andhra Pradesh recommended provision of adequate budget for the medical and health establishments. IMA demands phased increase of budget up to 5% of the total budget for this. By providing adequate facilities and salary, doctors are willing to serve in rural areas.

6) IMA demands ban on fake and spurious drugs and those selling these drugs should be strictly punished.

7) National Medical Commission (NMC) Act:

NMC Act was passed in September 2019. IMA strongly feels that certain sections of NMC are against the medical profession and also the health of the public. Section 32 encourages quackery in the guise of community healthcare providers. Certain paramedical personnel like pharmacists, nurses, radiographers etc. after undergoing 6 months training are allowed to give treatment for various ailments which is likely to cause severe complications to the suffering public

Section 50 plans to mix all systems of medicine like Homeo, Ayurveda, Unani, and producing kichdi doctors and is objectionable.

Section 51 allows crosspathy which allows one system of medicine to practice other systems and is illegal.

NEET examination is a blow to the medical students as this common examination brings down the autonomy of medical universities.

8) Unchecked fee structure for the private medical colleges is another curse to the medical students and children of lower economic status cannot dream of becoming a doctor.

9) National Medical Education Policy is likely to create chaos in medical education to the future generations of students and doctors.

10) Covid-19 pandemic caused havoc world-wide. IMA doctors are doing their best in treating the patients in various hospitals even risking their lives. We lost many doctors in the Covid management. It is unfortunate that the promises made by the Government are not fulfilled for these healthcare workers.

Doctors and healthcare workers recruited on contract basis for Covid work were not paid salaries for many months. For proper Covid control, public awareness is important and request Government agencies especially police department to take stringent measures for the erring public. Usage of proper mask, maintaining safe distance and handwash will take a long way in controlling Covid.

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