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7 Annoying Things That People With OCD Do


OCD also known as Obsessive compulsive disorder is a particular condition of people are in obsession with cleanliness and neatness. That is they are just obsessed with cleaning and their obsession with cleanliness sometimes seems very annoying. Here are some of things that people with OCD usually do which annoys others.

This is completely intended out of fun and we do not intend to hurt anyone. It is just our attempt to find fun out of such things.

Things People With OCD Do:

• Like many people think OCD is not just about cleanliness. People with OCD also would like to stay organized all the time. That is fine they also would expect everyone around them to stay organized in everything. How can that be possible? Just think of it if you have OCD

• As we all immediately relate to, one of the most common thing people with OCD do is that they wash their hands quite often. If we offer them something to, they will accept our offer, but just make us wait for them until they come back from washing hands.

• Cleaning the home is a meticulous task for these people with OCD. They just do the cleaning task so very often that they don’t get time to do other things that we may want to do with them. If we ask them about going for a movie, they will reply us saying I got to clean the bathroom today

• The people with this disorder not only do all these obsessive cleaning things by themselves but also force them with the people around them. They may not be very much obsessed like them but poor people can’t escape from them

• If we decide to go to a hotel or restaurant with them, then forget about the fun that we will be having there. You need to prepare yourself for all the nuisance stuff that they will be creating there because of their obsession with cleaning

• They don’t usually take help from others as they know they won’t be satisfied with the kind of work the others offer. But rarely when they accept the offer from others, they just irritate others order them in an attempt to bring perfection out of the work

• They will throw you in annoying situations at times. They don’t care of wherever they are and whose place they are, their condition just makes them does those things. Because of the compulsion to do so, they just don’t care wherever they are and try to organize things and clean things. You both may be at a friend’s place and they may find a dust on their table, they just can’t resist themselves until they clean it by themselves or get it cleaned by others

• Most of them have this habit of thinking too much. They think too much assuming so much and making people around worry much.

We hope our this small attempt to make you laugh also helped you in getting aware of the things people with OCD usually do.

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