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7 Different Types Of Mobile Phone Users


Mobile phones have become an integral part of all of our lives these days. Many of us start our day with them and probably end with them as well. They are the must have things in our handbags, purses or pockets. We just cannot leave without them. We can considered it as a type of addiction. So, on a fun note, let us present you to some of the different types of mobile phone users that we find around us. You can also find yourself in the list of users below.

Different Types Of Mobile Phone Users:

1.The Battery Savers

These are the first type of the mobile phone users in our list. They care much about the battery level of their mobile phone and try to save it as much possible time as they can. To do this all they have to do is just not using the mobile phone. They don’t use the mobile phone much in the fear of it getting out of battery. They preserve the battery so much that they forget the actual purpose of the mobile phone.

2.The Music Lovers

These are basically the music lovers. If the music lovers have a phone, how their phone will be? How they will use the phone? Their phone will be literally filled with tonnes of their favourite music albums. They will always be having a headset or ear phone attached to it. They just love to indulge themselves in the world of music. Their ultimate goal of using the mobile phone is for listening music.

3.The Texters

These type of the mobile phone users are usually found in the younger generations. They will be seen always texting on their mobile phones. Their fingers seem like just dancing on their mobile screens. They keep texting most of the time by hooking themselves to the phones. They roll the fingers so quick over the screen and send texts in seconds.

4.The Free WiFi Searchers

These are our next type of mobile phone users who don’t usually have the data plan activated. So, they don’t have any other option and they will be desperately in need of WiFi because mobile phones seem useless without the intrenet connection. So, their eyes will always be searching for free WiFi connections available around them. The first thing they will ask for if they visit someone’s home is the WiFi password.

5.The Bathroom Users

They probably think the bathroom time is one of the most peaceful times that one can have. So, they take the mobile phone with them to the bathroom so that they can have some peaceful time checking their mobile phone. This is not a cool thing for many people.

6.The Selfie Freaks

The usual selfie freaks that we find everywhere around us are the next type of mobile phone users in our list. These are the type of people who just doesn’t care about anything around them. If they feel like taking selfies, they do it anytime. Their gallery will be filled with tonnes of photographs. Sorry selfies.

7.The ‘Always On Call’ Guys

The final type of people in our list are the people who will always be found talking on the phone. No matter wherever they are they will always be busy over the phone. Their phone just keeps on ringing with phone calls.

What type of a mobile phone user are you? Tag your friends if you find them in the list.

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