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7 Different Types Of People At Weddings You Must Have Come Across


Weddings are one of the popular occasions in India where people gather in large numbers. One gets to observe different types of people at the weddings. So, here we are presenting you to some of the really interesting types of people we usually come across at weddings. Check them out.

Types Of People At Weddings

The Unfortunate Singles

These are the type of people we usually find very often at the weddings. These are basically single people who are very unfortunate as they are attending a wedding. Everyone’s attention will be on them and they actually get roasted by everyone around. They will be getting a lot many marriage proposals from the aunties around who think of themselves as responsible people but couldn’t recognize the fact that they are actually bothering the singles.

The Showoff Aunties

These are the next type of people we very usually find at weddings. These aunties usually get ready for every occasion but if it is a wedding and large number of gusts are expected, then they don’t just compromise. They concentrate a lot on getting ready. They do the makeup, jewelry so well and their task of showing off doesn’t just end there. If someone asks them about something that they are wearing they then start a huge big thesis about it.

The Crazy Kids

Kids will be kids everywhere. They are just crazy and irritating at times. At weddings we find a lot of such kids. Their parents will be busy with the wedding while we get stuck with these irritating kids. We try our best to be good with them, but the evil in them doesn’t allow us to be nice. When we try do something, they will just shout ‘ mummaa’ and that simple word has the power to shut us.

The Food Hawks

The next kind of people at weddings that we often notice is the people who come to the weddings just to eat. These are the ones who do justice to the catering menu that probably the bride’s family will be paying. They just roam around the food courts all the time. As soon as the new item arrives, they just grab a plate. Their main concentration is food and they are not much concerned about how the wedding is going.

The Flirty Guys

The next type of people at weddings that can be traced in almost all the weddings are the young singles. These are flirty minds who keep on flirting with every girl in the wedding while the girls seem to enjoy and go on blushing. Not everyone notices these kind of people.

The Unpaid Photographers

The bride and the groom’s family might have already paid for a wedding photographer, but the unpaid photographers at the wedding couldn’t stop themselves from clicking pictures. These are the people who stand beside the photographer and try to clicking pictures, videos from the various angles that they manage to find.

The Full Energetic Ones

The weddings will be dull without these kind of people at weddings. These are the ones who bring some energy to the wedding. They mingle with everyone around them and try to involve everyone and they lead all the various fun activities making it all fun.

Hope our attempt helped you in remembering the weddings and relate these types to the people you know.

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