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7 Different Types Of WhatsApp Groups That We All Will Be A Part Of


WhatsApp, the messaging application that has literally replaced the word message as it has become our go-to solution for making conversation. It is no exaggeration if I say that there is no smartphone on earth these days without this application installed in it. It has become that much popular that we are now using WhatsApp as a verb by saying ‘WhatsApp me’ ‘I will WhatsApp you’. It has made the communication better. WhatsApp is no fun without groups. So, here are some of the different types of WhatsApp groups that everyone of us must be a part of.

WhatsApp Groups That We All Have In Our Phones

School/College Group
WhatsApp has become such a brilliant platform that is giving us all the nostalgia feels by making us in getting in touch with our chuddy buddies. Every one of us will be a part of the school and college groups. If you are just like me and studied in many schools, colleges, then you will be having a bunch of school and college groups.
We will be sharing many nostalgic memories, planning get togethers in the school groups. And college groups will witness many range of discussions. In fact these days these college WhatsApp groups have also become the virtual notice boards.

Family Group
We just cannot escape from being a part of this group. This I think comes by default with WhatsApp for everyone. Just kidding! This is basically a group that we will be a part of with all our relatives in it. You will find different type of WhatsAppers in this group. The good morning aunties and uncles, the family getogether planners, the gossippers, the match makers and many other types.

It is known even the England Royal family has got their own family WhatsApp group.

Cousins Group
The cousins are the first best friends that we have in life. Cousins WhatsApp groups is all about fun, teases and craziness. Having a one on one conversation with a cousin is different from talking with all the cousins together as the fun lies within the togetherness.

Best Friends Forever Group
We do have school and college groups, but how can we miss gossiping with our best friends about other classmates and teachers. These best friends forever groups is basically the group of our gangs.

Sometimes we may be a part of a three musketeers group which also comes under this category.

Another type of bff group is that a group with a bunch of people who pretends to be best friends but all actually not.

Most Inactive Group
This is not any particular but can be any of the above groups mentioned but basically stays inactive most of the time. No one in this group show interest towards texting in this group. But there will definitely be one person who always tries to make it an active group probably the admin of the group :P.

Office Group
This is another most common group that everyone of us must be having in our WhatsApp account. This is basically used for the exchange of various information regarding work and office. Unofficial conversations also happen in this group sometimes.

Purpose Group
This basically is a group created instantly for sharing some kind of information or for some kind of a purpose but it continues to stay on our groups’ list as no one deletes it. Sometimes when we go on an outing with some our friends, after coming back from the outing a group is created so that everyone can share the pictures, videos with all the others, this group makes the sharing process easy.

The planning groups like the trip planning groups, the surprise gift planning groups also come under this category.

Isn’t WhatsApp just boring without these groups? Do mention any other such type of groups if we missed any.

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