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7 Healthy Alternatives To Unhealthy Foods If You Wish To Stay Healthy


There has always been a confusion about healthy and unhealthy foods and the discussion about healthy and unhealthy foods never ends. So, to give some kind of clarity for all those health enthusiasts, we are now bringing a list of some really unhealthy foods on the planet that you should be avoiding right away if you wish to stay healthy.


Some actually have a misconception that this care about unhealthy foods should only to be taken by those who are on a weight loss program, but in fact these unhealthy foods can effect anyone’s healthy. So don’t let them ruin your health, just avoid these list of foods as soon as you can.
List Of Some Unhealthy Foods

Deep Fried Foods – Healthy Alternative – Grilled Foods

Anything fried in oil is considered unhealthy. We all know that these deep fried foods contain high fat and calorie content, but they also contain high levels of inflammatory advanced glycation end products. When animal derived products like milk, meat, chicken are cooked in high flame for over a long time, they become very unhealthy with all the compounds mentioned earlier. You can go for grilled foods instead, but it is highly suggested to stay away from these deep fried foods.

So say sorry if someone asks you take a bite of fried chicken.

Restaurant Desserts – Healthy Alternative – Sorbet

Yes… we know that your heart may be broken by seeing desserts in this list. And especially the restaurant desserts which look so yummy, but you have stay away from the desserts in restaurants and hotels as the sodium present in the desserts is not healthy at all and they even contain high fat, sugar levels, so instead of this unhealthy food, you can try and prefer to eat sorbet which is made from frozen fruits juices.

Packed Cookies – Healthy Alternative – Freshly Baked

Cookies are everyones’ favourites and to think of a Christmas without cookies is almost impossible, but as we listed here the packed cookies are also considered as one of the unhealthiest foods on this planet, so it is advised to stay away from them, try baking some cookies at home. YouTube is there to teach you. Packaged cookies are high in calories and are also unhealthy as they contain preservatives, so prefer eating fresh cookies from bakery as well but not the packaged ones.

Energy Drinks – Healthy Alternative – Iced/Flavoured Water


Energy drinks, almost many of us looks at these as the best source for hydrating and refreshing. They are not actually needed in your day, your day will be quite good without them in fact. Energy drinks have high sugar levels, which is the main reason they are considered as unhealthy. You can have iced tea or citrus flavoured water instead.

Low Fat Yogurt – Healthy Alternative – Regular Fat Yogurt

The title makes us trust it without thinking anything else, but actually the low fat yogurt is not considered as a healthy food. You can have yogurt instead. Low fat yogurt has low fat levels but high sugar levels which is bad for your health, so it is advised to have full fat yogurt instead of this unhealthy yogurt.

Rice – Healthy Alternative – Brown Rice/ Cauliflower Rice/ Quinoa


Quinoa may sound fancy and new, but it is nothing new. It is popularly known as jonnalu. Jonnalu or Quinoa are healthier any day than any of the rice variant. If you wish to have a healthier food alternative then prefer having brown rice, or cauliflower rice, or quinoa.

Chocolates/ Sweets – Healthy Alternative – Dry Fruits


Chocolates, sweets aren’t just bad for your body fat but also bad for your teeth. Instead you can try having some dry fruits like almonds, dates, apricots, walnuts, pista if you have sugar cravings to avoid chocolates and refined sugars.

Stay away from these foods if health is your priority and prefer having their healthy alternatives.

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