7 heart warming stories of vendors


India is a multilingual country which is diverse in its culture, traditions, food, and languages, yet the one thing that unifies the diverseness is the ingredient of liveliness, joy and vivid colors.

One fine day as I was evoked to the reminiscence of my thoughts of venturing out and finding something that fills one’s soul. The thought of exploring something new was instinctive and reinforcing enough for me to buckle up, pack a bag, and treasure something purposeful. I rode all the way from my home to see the sea-side. There is something about the Vizag beaches, mysterious, mesmerizing that leaves us with a tinge of wanting and staying for a few more hours. Everyone has a story to be told and it takes an empathizing heart and shrill ear to hear them out. On a slouchy winter eve while I was walking on the shore what pulled my eye was the vendors and hawkers.


1.‘It isn’t money that buys happiness’

Byde Naidu is one of them who looks distressed as the waves would keep coming forward and he has to shift from one place to another. For now, he had been working for 25 years at the Rk beach where he sells Jhal Muri, Batani, Spicy Baji, and Teekha Kachori for 20Rs. Due to the financial crisis, he had been working in this business and ensured that his daughter could get a quality education. He said “Due to the new cafes and restaurants near the beachside, youngsters chose the cafe instead of jhal muri. ” Though he doesn’t get much profit he is happy with what he does.

2. Respect and warmth is all they need

G. Narsiamma is 63 years old and though her hands have given up, still she goes for work because she is the only one person to earn for herself.

She says with tears trickling down her cheeks “One day as I would give the corn to one of the customers with my trembling hands. He lost his cool. I want respect and nothing in return.”

Where some sold Noodles, tikka others were selling balloons and ice cream. Pavements filled with colorful items and bustling with people where they were chatting, resolving issues, and having solitude.
As I moved ahead bumped into a balloon walla

3. Don’t lose hope, with time everything heals

When asked why did he take up this profession? He said, “my daughter Nizora loves balloons just like the other children so I sell balloons in the evening and work as a ragpicker in the morning to fetch more as she is suffering from leukaemia.”

4. Dream to fly high in the sky Where we crib and cry for not going to school Santosh worked hard to not just earn a living but also get extra money to save up for buying books. For the past three years, he worked by being a human statue. Now he is in a different city pursuing his dreams.

5. Pavements are his residence

6. Rains or chilly winters she goes to her work every day under any circumstances

7. Kulfi is welcomed at any hour of eve

Cafe and classy restaurants may come up but certain sections of people can never get over street food.

Venkatrammana who stays near YMCA walks 4km every day and has Jhalmuri from his favorite stall and also talks to the vendors whenever he gets time as he feels the conversations with the vendors make him feel lively and his day seems sorted.


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