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7 Ideas To Make Your Holi Party More Fun


Holi is one such a popular festival in India that brings along all the positive vibes. Holi is all about fun, excitement, cheer and love. Different people celebrate this festival in different forms according to their tastes, desires. Some may just wish to make it a wild play with colours and some may want it to be well planned with different entertaining activities by engaging all the guests. So, if you are hosting a holi party this year, then you should definitely consider these different ideas to make your party more fun and entertaining.

Different Ideas To Make Your Holi Party Great Fun


Sending invitations is the first thing that you should begin with while you throw a party anytime. Why not make something different with the invitations as well. Rather than sending just the regular kind of invitations or calling over the phone try something different and let the fun begin with the invitations itself. This can bring out the creative side in you. It is not a formal party, so you don’t have to formal with the invitation. You don’t have to send the cards. This is the 21st century and technology has taken over us, why not make best use of it and prepare a fun filled energetic video where you will be inviting your guests for the party and make them feel special.

Choose The Peppy Playlist:

Another really important thing about a holi party is definitely the music playlist and never neglect this step. This can actually bring a lot of josh in your guests and add a lot of fun to your party. Choose all the party songs of the past year or the recent times and keep in mind your guests, their age group while you do this step. Prepare a playlist well and don’t forget to add the Bollywood holi songs as a holi party will never complete without these songs.

Create An Interesting Menu

Holi party is full of energy and the main part of the party is playing colours which itself exhausts all our energy. Everyone will probably feel hungry after the party, so as a host you should be in a condition to satisfy their hunger with yummy, delicious dishes. Include different kinds of dishes, especially the street foods which are everyone’s favourite in the food menu. This kind of a food menu will make your guests feel the warmth of the host that is you.


Holi party can never be complete with bang. It is the must have thing or item in every Holi party. To make it even more interesting why not try different beverages along with bang. Not everyone drinks bang, so also make available a few other beverages in case they don’t feel like drinking bang, they have another option. Consider having soft drinks for them.

Décorate In A Delightful Way

Be creative with the décor at the place where you will be hosting the Holi party. Make use of the internet, there are tonnes of creative ideas and useful stuff awaiting your way. Pinterest can help you in this regard and you can also dig out the creativity inside you and make it look more custom. Just make it as much colourful as you can as it is the festival of colours. Try experimenting new décor styles and give it a new fresh look.

Gaming Time:

Just playing with colours cannot make a holi party perfect. So, you can consider some ideas to entertain your guests. There are different types of games, entertainment activities that you can plan and organize for your guests according to your choice, availability.

Return Gifts:

Return gifts have become compulsory these days. If you think you can afford, then you can choose to offer your guests some return gifts. The gifts again may vary from your budget, choice and other things. You can choose to give them a sweet box, a dry fruits kit if you want to be ethnic and all. Or if you wish to stay modern then choose to give them a beauty care kit to make them feel more special. You can also choose to gift custom print t shirts, mugs as Holi special gifts.

We hope these special ideas will help you in making your Holi party more fun.

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