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7 Simple methods to go eco-friendly this Ganesh Chaturthi

7 Simple methods to go eco-friendly this Ganesh Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha, the God whom we pray to before initiating any work or even at pujas. And our favourite festival Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner. We celebrate it with utmost joy and happiness every year. It is such a holy festival to us. We celebrate it for straight 10-30 days and immerse the idol with long rallies in the ocean which leads to a lot of pollution and damage to nature.

With covid, there are already few restrictions. So, let’s look at the ways we can celebrate this time a little more cautiously and eco-friendly.

1. Invest in Clay idols

Opting for Clay idols is the best option. As they easily dissolve in water and do not harm much to marine life. Artificial colours, dyes are not used in these idols unlike the plaster of Paris or other material idols. Now we do have restrictions on not going out at some places. So clay idols can be easily dissolved in a tank or a bucket near your home.

2. Opt for seed Ganesh idols

This concept of the seed Ganesh idol was started a few years back. These idols will be made up of red soil, natural colour and fertilisers with any seed in them. So, when this Ganesh idol is immersed on the land or in a pot, you can grow your plant.

3. DIY Ganesh idol

You can also use your creativity in making your own Ganesh idol at home. You can use clay or flour, natural colours made up of turmeric and other ingredients available in your kitchen. This will also help in easy immersion after the pooja.

4. Immerse the idol at home

Instead of immersing the idol in the sea or rivers nearby try to immerse your clay Ganesh idol in your garden or a pot that you can further use to grow plants.

5. Try the Eco-friendly decor

Instead of using LED lights, harmful colours for rangoli, plastic items you can opt for fresh leaves, flowers and natural diyas to decorate your house. This will not only reduce the plastic and electricity but also you can celebrate this festival in a traditional way.

6. Reduce the Sound pollution

Instead of listening to songs at high volume try to reduce them to normal volume and enjoy this festival. Avoid using loudspeakers and also firecrackers which do not only create sound pollution but also air pollution and many health issues and disturbances

7. Limiting the mandaps

Another simple yet best way is to celebrate your festival with your family, relatives and neighbourhood together at a single mandap rather than to celebrate it at individual mandaps. This way you will not only limit the mandaps but also you get to celebrate this festival with your family and friends. Also, don’t forget to maintain social distance, wear a mask and follow the covid protocols.

By following these simple methods you can contribute a lot from your side and help in protecting the environment furthermore from the damage. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

By Priyanka Komakula

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