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7 things every hosteller can relate to!


Life of a hosteller is never easy and convenient as staying far away from our family is definitely difficult for anybody. Stepping out of our comfort zone is the most challenging thing in the life of every hosteller. All these hardships are never a thing as the time spent with our friends during our hostel life is quite precious, filled with a lot of memories. This could be one of the experiences in life as each and every day is fun and a new learning. Being a hosteller has its own advantages and disadvantages depending upon the person and the place, but there are a few things that every hosteller can relate to. Let’s see what are those –

We regret eating the Mess food

Most of the time, the Mess food ends up disappointing us in every possible way. Almost every hosteller can relate to this situation. We prefer eating at the street stalls everyday but a big NO for the half cooked Mess food! At this point of time, we actually miss our home food.

The Mess food is excused as who cares, unless we have the free wifi

Everything can be excused when it comes to the free wifi! It is everything that we need in a hostel life. From watching movies to playing games, we depend on wifi for anything and everything.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing things is a must and should when it comes to your roommates. Sharing clothes to sharing netflix password, we need no permission from them as we all are together in everything we do.

We work on our independent self

Hostel life means coming out of our comfort zone and literally doing everything on our own. We often take important decisions independently at this phase of our life. Washing clothes, keeping the surroundings clean, maintaining good health, etc., makes us non-dependent in every way possible.

We can never predict the water availability

We never know when the water supply goes off and hence, we rush to the bathrooms in the early morning before the non-availability. Every morning, a tug-of-war for their turn to bath is a real thing in every hostel.

How can we possibly forget the “Cost Cutting” part

This is the most common thing for every hosteller as saving money matters a lot at this phase of our life. We have to get everything by ourselves with the limited pocket money, which makes the theory of “cost cutting” an important lesson in our life.

Friends like Family

Our hostel mates are always there for us through thick and thin. During every situation such as illness, success, failure, etc., our roommates are always by our side like a family. These friends are like a second family for us.

All in all, hostel life is all about the importance of every little thing in life which makes us realise how important friends are, while away from our family. This experience is going to be a lifetime achievement for many obvious reasons.

By Vindhya Vanamali

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