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7 Things We Used To Love About The Summer Season In Childhood

Summer Season In Childhood

Summers of course remind us of the horrible heat of the sun that we need to bear for about 3 to 4 months. We have learnt to manage the summers with the sunscreen lotions, tan removals, refrigerators and air conditioners, but still summers are a lot to worry about especially in India. But there are also some nice things about summers that used to make us wait for the summer season to come. Let us now go through those things that used to make us look forward to summers in our childhood.

Things We Used To Love About Summer Season

The Family Gatherings

Summer means holidays for schools, colleges. What happens when we have no colleges and schools? Yeah family gatherings are a must during summer holidays. This is probably one of the most awaited thing about the summers during the childhood days. The fun we used to have at grandparents place with cousins.

No School Days

Summers give us the freedom from schools and colleges. What more can a student wish for? No school days used to be our favourite days during childhood. No school gives us the freedom to sleep for some more time. No school means so much of time for doing various fun things. No school means lots of fun during the childhood. We definitely used to love summers the most for this one reason probably.

The Mangoes

How can one miss to eat mangoes during the summers. I don’t know a person who hates mangoes, if you do know then do me a favour, just tell them they are the most tasteless ones on this planet. The king of fruits has the ultimate taste. Mangoes becomes our go to solution whenever we are hungry during the summers. This fruits exclusive for this season makes us wait the most for the summer season.

The Unlimited Play And TV Time

Summers are the ultimate time when we used to have a lot of fun . Summer season is the only season where kids don’t have so much of restrictions as they don’t have schools. This allows them to have more fun, play for \some long time and watch TV for some more time. These are the other reasons which used to make the summers most loved season during our childhood.

The Vacations

Of course most of our summer holidays used to be spent at grandparents place, but some of us also used to go to vacations during the summer which is the utmost fun of the season. The planning begins from January itself and we used to wait a lot for the season to come so that we can go on that vacation which is being planned for a long time.

The Summer Evenings

The ultimate happiness lies in the summer evenings during or childhood. After the morning heat of the sun, the evening brings a cool breeze which used to be the most refreshing time of the day. The evening walks, outdoor games used to happen a lot in the breeze evenings.

Ice-creams And Cool-drinks

Summer season is the best season as we don’t used to have many restrictions about the amount of cool drinks we drink and the number of ice creams we eat. Some of us might also used to have our refrigerators filled with our favourite ice creams and cool drinks during summers.

Hope we helped in recollecting the happy memories of summers. Enjoy the season!!!

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