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7 things you can do to make your sister feel happy this Raksha Bandhan


Sisters may be annoying and irritating sometimes, but the fact is that your life is totally incomplete without her. You get to share a special bond despite all the rivalries, after all, she is the only one with whom you shared your mother’s womb.

To celebrate such a bond we have the festival ‘Rakshabandhan’. Here are a few simple and easy things that can make your bond and your sister feel happy and special.

Spend some quality time:

The best gift anyone can give is spending time. We often forget to spend time with our siblings by indulging in our day to day lives and fights with them. We don’t even get a chance to know them correctly or what they want. The best way is to spend some time with them and get to know what they are and what they need. Let them know you. This way you can make your bond stronger too!

Let them know you are here:

No matter how many friends your sister got, she sometimes can’t share some things even with your parents or friends. All you gotta do is let them know you are there and trust you in order to make them feel secure.


Of course, how can you forget to get gifts for your sister. Get to know her needs and give her something that she has been waiting to own for a long time. Who doesn’t love surprises. Or you can also get her favourite chocolate, a dress that has been waiting in her cart for a long time, or makeup or even a book.

A cute DIY:

A little effort can be put in and you can make her a cute DIY since handmade things add much more love and value to it. You can make her a greeting card, a little note or even a Shayari which she will cherish forever.

A little support:

Sometimes all your sister needs is a little support whenever your parents fail to give something to her. It might be choosing her career or even as silly as hanging out with friends. Say yes, advise her, encourage her, support her decisions and let her know she has your shoulder to lean on anytime.

Take her out:

Take her shopping or to her favourite restaurant and let them shop and order something to eat and build conversations and know her taste. This way you can know your sister better and the plus point is that you can gift her accordingly to the next time.

Celebrate rakhi together:

No matter where life takes you, always try to celebrate rakhi. Help her decorate the house and share household chores with her. Let her tie the rakhi and feed you sweets. Surprise her by gifting her and make her feel secure by letting her know that she has your back.

Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with extra love and extra equality.

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

By Priyanka Komakula

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