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7 Types Of Movie Goers We Find Among Us


Movies are considered as the ultimate source of entertainment for many of us. In India especially movies and movie stars are given ultimate priority. They are considered as a part of our lives. So, in that way, many of us must be watching movies regularly. As people themselves are different from each other, there are also different types of movie goers that we must have come across. So, here we present you to some of the fun type of movie goers. Check them out.

Various Types Of Movie Goers

The Review Freaks

The first type of people in our list of movie goers are the ones who depend on reviews of the movies. They just go through all the reviews of the movies that they wish to go. They will head to the movie only if they find the reviews positively about the movie. If they find negative reviews on the movie, they just drop the idea of watching the movie.

The Critics

They just didn’t go to the movie for entertainment. They watch the movie with an intention to criticize everything. They just didn’t have the heart to appreciate the efforts of the movie makers and keep on criticizing everything about the movie. They look to pin point defects in the movie.

The Movie Lovers

The other type of movie goers in our list are the people who just love movies. They don’t care about what film it is, who acted it, who directed it. Their love for movies just drags them to the theatres and they watch each and every movie that releases. They may miss a few but they do wish to watch each and every movie.

The Star Fans

The next type of people who watch movies are the fans. Without them in the theatres, there will be no fun. They wait so eagerly about the movie of their favourite actor/actress to release in the theatres and go to the movie on the first day. The go for the movie just to watch their favourite stars on the screen.

The Weekend Time Passers

The next type of people in our list are the people with job in the weekdays and as they get some free time in the weekends, they need to have some time pass filled with some entertainment. If they don’t have anything else to do or if there is some interesting movie in theatres, then they go for the movie for weekend time pass, fun.

The Friends Gang

There will always be a friends gang who will be doing a lot of thing together. Such friend gangs also plan to go to movies sometimes and thus they take place in our list. The gang of friends who go to the movies when they all meet up after a long time or to have fun together can also be found around us.

The Forced Guy

There will always be a guy of this type in theatres. He/she doesn’t actually have interest to watch the movie but he/she will be forced to come to the movie by their friends, family or some other person. They don’t have interest in watching the movie and may often be seen sleeping while the movie is playing.

What type of a movie goer are you? Do you find yourself in the list? Do comment below if we missed a type that you may have come across.

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