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8 traditional Telugu sweets that everyone must try


Any occasion is blunt without the dessert and sweet serving, from visiting relatives to celebrating festivals, sweet and dessert are the bare necessities. India is a country having a variety of foods and beverages that makes a way to anyone’s heart; be it a countryman or travelers from other countries. Whilst South India is famous for its idli and dosa, it’s also widely known for its sweet and dessert recipes. So here is a list of sweets and desserts from south india which is a “must try before you die”.

1. Paramannam
In general this dessert is like the south indian version of kheer . Paramannam is made of rice, milk, ghee and dry fruit nuts. It is made during festivals like Pongal and Durga Puja, it’s served among friends and families after serving it to the gods.

2. Kobbari Undalu
This sweet is also called coconut laddus, mainly made during Diwali. This sweet is made of roasted coconut and jaggery.

3. Nuvvula undalu
This sweet is for the health freaks because of its health enduring factor connected with the sesame seeds. This sweet is made with the combination of sesame seeds and hot melted jaggery. Popular in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

4. Bandar laddu
This tasty sweet is made in Bandar( Machilipatnam ) and melts in the mouth like heaven which makes any person go dumbstruck.

5. Gulabilu
Popular among kids and adults. This sweet has its separate fanbase during summers.

6. Sunnundalu
Sunnundalu is Andhras Famous and healthy laddu that is made with roasted and powdered Urad Dal, Cardamom Seeds and Powdered Sugar / Jaggery. This Sweet has two variations Sugar Sunnundalu – Made using Powdered Sugar, Belllam Sunnundalu – Made using Jaggery. Mainly made during holi,diwali and etc

7. Burelu
This sweet is made during weddings and other festive occasions. Made of jaggery and chana dal.

8. Kakinada kaja
As the name suggests, it’s popular in the Kakinada district and is also in the southern region. The texture is crispy outside and juicy inside.

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