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9 Things every Brother-Sister can relate to!


A brother-sister bond is one of the purest relations as they share a strong affection for each other through all times. They literally know everything about you and stick by you through all the ups and downs in your life. They play a very important part in your life by being an adviser, a teacher, a friend and a parent. You could never really thank your brother or sister in words for being such great mentors, but can make them feel happy on this Raksha Bandhan, by rewinding your memories. As a brother-sister, you definitely have a bunch of memories with each other and hence, here are the few things that every brother-sister can mostly relate to –

Parents’ favorite!

Almost every brother-sister can relate to this. One of you is definitely considered to be your parent’s favorite and the other one is always ready to rant on this statement. You always fight for that spot of being a parent’s favorite child.

The remote fights!

Isn’t this the most common situation for every brother-sister? Your opinions in watching shows and movies always defer and there begins the war for the remote! You never give up your favorite tv show for your brother or sister. This is almost a daily ritual in many households.

Equal share in the matter of FOOD!

The fight for equal share in your favorite food is a real deal. The scientist in you comes out at this point of time when you have to measure the equal quantity of each other’s share. Even the tiniest bit of imbalance rages a world war in the house!

The Blackmailing!

Ever did something that might trigger your parents and hence didn’t tell them? Yes you must have! But later did your brother or sister get to know about that? Sounds familiar right? The blackmailing part to not tell your parents is a real thing. This is a quite common situation for every brother and sister.

Fight for the front seat in the car!

A brother-sister bond isn’t a brother-sister bond if you don’t fight for the front seat in your car. A long drive exists, and the fight for the front seat is another level of want! Sometimes both of you take turns or both of you end up sitting at the back.

Never run out of clothes!

Having a brother or sister is like having an extra closet for yourself. Doesn’t matter of the size and the gender specific type of clothing and hence, you can never give up on their clothes.

Distributing the household duties!

In order to be safe from over-working, this system of distributing duties is introduced by every brother and sister in the family. Cleaning surroundings, filling water bottles, getting the necessary items from the store, etc., are evenly distributed on a daily basis among every brother and sister in a family.

Twinning outfits!

Your parents would always love to see both of you in twinning outfits for events and functions. People often recode that you both are brother and sister by just noticing your outfits. This felt like a sign of awkwardness, at a later stage of your life.

A life saver!

A person who is always there for you whenever you’re in trouble, is your beloved brother or sister. They act as a life saver during every problem in your life. They really are the second mother or father in your life!

A brother and sister bond is the most important bond in life because at a point of time, they are all that we need as a support and a mentor to guide us through every tough situation in our life. Make this special occasion of Raksha Bandhan, a day to thank your brother or sister, and rewind all the memories you had!


By Vindhya Vanamali

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