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90’s kids favourite childhood foods which we still can’t forget


Do you remember your mother giving you 1 or 2 rupees every day while going to school? We used to spend that money to buy a whole lot of snacks which we loved during those days. We even used to fight with our friends who come for sharing. Some of these food companies also stopped the production of these items.
Let’s go into the time machine and have a look at these amazing foods that we adored in our childhood.

No one can forget Bytes that were made by Cadbury. The chocolatey texture inside of the bytes just feels like heaven. Many of us already miss these as these productions were stopped. Many substitutes have come but none can match the taste and quality. Cadbury should really start producing these Bytes again!

Cotton candy
The pink cotton candy is everyone’s favourite. We still find these in some areas like exhibitions, bazaars etc. still we become kids whenever we see stalls that sell these cotton candies.

Asha chocolates
Have you remembered ‘the king of all chocolates ‘Asha chocolates’. Those were the only chocolates that we used to buy back then. With one rupee we used to get 4-6 chocolates. However, these chocolates were also extinct.

Tic tac
We still find tic tac in some areas, but the price was neither the same. With one rupee we used to get a small box full of these mints. We even used to eat these during our classes.

These were the only chewing gums we ever ate in our childhood. We even heard myths about how swallowing this bubble gum will end in stomach aches and even death. Remember sticking these gums under the school benches after chewing?

Ice sticks
Now we have fancy ice creams and branded ice cream shops. Back then the craze for these ice flavoured sticks will never match to this day’s ice cream. With water and flavoured drink, this ice will be frozen in a freezer which turns into ice in a small cover or a stick-shaped cover.

Drip Trix
Have you remembered those mini biscuits that come with a creamy dip? These were everyone’s childhood favourites. We do get a pack that consists of small biscuits with a flavoured cream which we used to dip our biscuits in and enjoy.

Maha Lacto
These were the go-to chocolates to distribute for everyone’s birthdays. These chocolates lasted so long, but we lost track of them.

Cheetos were snacks that competed with lays back then. Those round puff like balls looked more appetising than those potato chips to some of us.

Toffee choo
Those pink coloured toffees that tasted like a few bubble gums were the chocolates that tasted like heaven. These are also not available now.

There are many more food items that we used to eat like crazy and fight for sharing. Comment down a few of your favourite foods that you loved eating,

By Priyanka Komakula

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