9435 daily wage workers get stuck in vizag amid lockdown


Lockdown being announced as a preventionary method to stop the spread of COVID-19 has turned thousands of daily wage workers and contract labours homeless and with no earning source.

Due to sudden announcement of lockdown and transport facilities being stopped thousands of daily wage works and contract labours who hailed to the city in search of work were stuck in the city. With the central government asking them to stay where ever they are until the lock down ends they were left with no other option but to stay back.

Neither being able to go their home nor being able to work about 12 thousand workers are struck in various areas of our District and are roaming like orphans. Among whom the government has recognized about 9435 people and is providing them with essential services.

The essential commodities that are provided includes 10 Kgs of Rice, 1Kg Dal, 3 Kgs of wheat, 1 liter of cooking oil, hal kilo salt, 250 grams chilli powder, 250 grams turmeric powder, 2kgs onion and 2 kgs potatoes.

Apart from that 46 shelter homes have been spread across where government provides them with free meals and a place to sleep.

If you find and such homeless person suffering due to lock down you can contact 18004250002 helpline number by the government and help him out during this difficult time.


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