A few details about Rafale fighter jet


Rafale is one the finest fighter jets in the world and is 4.5 generation aircraft.

It is the advanced aircraft in South Asia and is ahead of JF-20, the 5th generation aircraft developed by China.

Pakistan needs to use two of its F-16 aircrafts to fight one of our Rafale fighter jets.

The maximum take off weight is 24.5 tonnes.

Each Rafale can carry 4.7 tonnes of internal fuel and 6.6 tonnes of external fuel.

It has an extraordinary weapon carrying ability and can also be tuned for delivering nuclear weapons.

The target range is over 150 kilometers and it can destroy the target with 100% accuracy within 120 kilometers range.

It can destroy an enemy aircraft without even crossing the Indian air space, even if it is over 100 km away.

Our neighbouring countries do not have a weapon as deadly as the Meteor.

Consisting RBE2 Active Electronically Scanned Radar, which gives unprecedented levels of situational awareness with earlier detection and tracking of multiple targets.

It has Front Sector Optronics system, which has radar jamming capability, while operating in the optronic wavelength.

It can refill the fuel in the air without the need of landing.

These Rafale have many other advanced features making them the finest fighter jets in the world.  

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