A free workshop on ‘Rethinking your goals’ during the pandemic


The Covid pandemic has brought an upheaval causing high levels of stress and anxiety in people of all ages. Be it job loss, furloughs or losing loved ones, the pandemic has brought normal life to a grinding halt. Hence, in an effort to reach out to people and help them to come in terms with the existing situation, the Art of Living Foundation will be organising a free talk for adults.

The speakers for the webinar are Dr. Sheel Parekh, PhD English and Jigyasa Bhanushali, Entrepreneur and ex-Googler. The webinar ‘Rethinking your goals’ during the pandemic is being focused on getting people to look into themselves.

A webinar on moving ahead with:

1.Increased Focus
2.Renewed Confidence
3.Enhanced Clarity and Creativity
4.Reduced Stress and Anxiety
5.Improved Time Management
6.Better Inter-Personal Relationships
7.Restful Sleep

Interested people can register here for the free session The session will be organised on September 13 from 6.30 to 7.30 pm. For more details contact, you may contact: 9866226534

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