A little child plays with his dead mother’s body at a station, video shows migrants’ plight


There has been a lot of talk about the plight of the migrant workers, and their situation is difficult to understand, with the visuals that we see daily. Their conditions are horrific and heartbreaking.

A heartbreaking video has surfaced that shows a child walking unsteadily up to this mother’s body at Muzaffarpur station, in Bihar. He tugs at the blanket over her head in an attempt to wake her up, and eventually covers his own head with it too. The toddler has no idea what has happened, and these visuals hit us with their reality and their struggles, the poor who just want to go home.

The clip which surfaced on Monday went viral and has invited a lot of questions about the migrants’ conditions even in the trains. The woman has said to have died of hunger, dehydration and the sweltering heat.

The woman had reached the station on a special train for migrants on Monday, and the child’s family was said to have boarded a different train from Delhi on Sunday. According to the reports by NDTV, the family said that the woman had been unwell in the course of the journey due to lack of food and water. She had collapsed as soon as the train arrived at the station. That is when the toddler tried waking her up until he was dragged away by an older child.

The officials had a different story, however. PTI documented that Ramakant Upadhyay, the Dy SP of the Government Railway Police in Muzaffarpur, said the occurrence transpired on May 25 when the woman was on her way to Muzaffarpur from Ahmedabad by a Shramik Special train. He also said that the woman was accompanied by her sister and brother-in-law, and had died on the train itself.

“My sister-in-law died suddenly on the train. We did not face any problem getting food or water,” the officer said, citing the deceased’s brother-in-law who wasn’t named. The police got down the body and sent it for postmortem.

Upadhyay also said that according to the brother-in-law, she was 35 years old and was undergoing treatment for an unnamed disease in Ahmedabad for the last year. He was also quoted saying, “She was also mentally unstable.”
When queried about the cause of death, he shrugged the question off, by saying, “Only doctors can tell.”

By Yukta Baid


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