A move towards swachhta- bio-toilets installed in all coaches over ecor


In order to continue efforts to provide clean and eco-friendly travel and fulfilling commitment towards the “Swachha Rail, Swachha Bharat” campaign, East coast Railway has successfully completed the 100% installation of Bio-toilets in trains. These bio-toilets convert the human waste into water and bio-gases with the help of bacteria. This mechanism of bio-toilets is very helpful in sustainable management of solid waste.

The inventory of coaches of ECoR is 3247. All these coaches are now fitted with eco-friendly bio-toilets. Out of these, 2534 ICF coaches and 713 are of LHB coaches have been equipped with bio-toilets. The 100% installation of bio-toilets in coaches will not only help to maintain cleanliness by preventing discharge of human waste on railway tracks, but also protect tracks from corrosion. And, hence, it will reduce the maintenance cost of Railway assets, and improve safety of train operation.

East Coast Railway has also improved the functioning of bio-toilets by introducing the Venturi system concept. This new system ensures proper cross-ventilation of fresh air in the toilets. It will overcome the issue of foul smell from the bio-toilets. ECoR is also providing a soft flush system in bio-toilets for easy flushing out of waste. Litter bins are provided in each toilet fitted with bio-tanks to avoid dumping of waste into toilet pans.

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