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A stronger Covid-19 mutant is warming up: What does that mean for us?


It is hard. But this is the news everyone needs to know. The world is banning flights to and from the United Kingdom. Because of a new strain of Covid-19. Matt Hancock, UK Health secretary said “the new variant is out of control and we need to bring it under control”. A mutated virus that spreads up to 70 percent faster and changes the way it enters the cells in our bodies. That possibly leaves those with stronger immune systems at high risk. Yes, we see more cases among younger people. And if this new variant is the reason then we have to ask ourselves an important question:

What if the stronger variant reaches many more countries? What if this year the virus is only warming up? And worst of all, your loved ones? And because of this, no matter where you live, you should know how to prepare yourself and how is the virus mutating.

First of all, the mutated variant is known as B.1.1.7. According to health experts, viruses can mutate even a few times a month. And as they mutate, sometimes a very rare situation happens when the genetic code of the virus changes strongly enough for it to become even more powerful. IN other words, if Covid was a person, it just won a very rare lottery ticket. And it is ready to celebrate by spreading faster than ever. This why with this news, the UK has announced the strictest lockdown, where millions must cancel Christmas plans and stay home. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “it is with a very heart, I must tell you that we cannot continue with Christmas as planned”.

So, let us send good wishes to everyone in the UK affected by this bad news. And the moment this news reached more countries, they banned flights to and from the UK, just as we banned the flights from Wuhan earlier this year. Canada, Italy, Germany, and other European countries have shut their borders to Britain due to concerns over a new, rapidly spreading coronavirus strain. And soon every country will ban all the flights because of the fear of this mutant reaching more people. Now another question, what if the virus is only warming up? And I say it because this should be a signal. For people to finally wake up!

I have seen many question if the virus exists at all. I have seen people come up with the most ridiculous conspiracy theories about Covid. Millions of people who proudly say they don’t care about wearing masks. And I already know that even this news will bring many who say it’s all just fake news. But how many more people do we need to lose for us to be on the same page?

There are countless examples around the world with a second or even third all-time high waves! USA, India, Poland, and many more.. Right now. A year later, they do worse than ever against the virus. Imagine if the stronger version reaches these struggling nations with overload hospitals? It will be a catastrophe. And so I ask you to please help me to share this article and reach everyone around the world. Because if people don’t take this seriously, if we don’t work together, if we keep on making the same mistakes understanding the situation… 2020 will be known as the year when Covid was only warming up. And we will look back at it wishing..we knew it all along.

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