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A treasure trove of stories – ‘Bommala Koluvu’


Children were in all smiles and the elders seemed to have been reminiscing their past looking at the idols and dolls in all hues arranged carefully in the form of step-like horizontal arrays in their neighbours home. ‘Bommala Koluvu’- Court of toys or exhibition of toys is synonymous with the onset of Dussehra. While the elders are busy in decorating them, the kids are eager to listen to stories narrated by their parents or grandparents depicting the figurines and toys.

Following the tradition that has been passed by her Grandmother and Mother, S Sundari hailing from the city has been putting up Bommala Koluvu at her residence from the past 45 years. “Dussehra which is a ten-day long festival is incomplete without decorating a portion of my house with the collection of my idols from the past four decades. This is the time of the year, when everyone irrespective of age, gender and religion come together to indulge in festive fervour and celebrate the occasion,” she expressed.

Stating that around 200 people on an average visit her home on a daily basis to have a look at the collection of toys and figurines from various parts of the country (collection of 400 toys), she added, “Each of the Navadhanyas (nine seeds) are distributed to people during the nine days of the festival.”

Most of the Hindu families from the city express that this tradition has been passed on from generations and it must be a part of celebration for the future generations and hence must not take a back seat.

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