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Actors speak about 6 basic preventive measures to be taken to stay away from COVID-19

Everyone is doing their bit to spread awareness about COVID-19 as the cases are increasing day by day. From Government to common man everybody is doing their bit to fight it out collectively, even actors aren’t left behind, from wearing masks to talking about it on every social media they are doing every bit possible.
Some of them have postponed the mega releases as the safety of the citizens is something important more than the box office numbers. Even Tollywood superstars Ram Charan and Junior NTR clearly speak about the 6 basic preventive measures one can take to be away from the Coronavirus.
They also urged people to not believe the myths that are being speculated as people are already scared and believing and following everything that is being forwarded on social media.
For the basic 6 preventive measures watch the video:


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