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Address migrant issue soon: HRF

Address migrant issue soon

The Human Rights Forum (HRF) has urged the state government to initiate measures to ensure that unorganized migrant labourers do not undergo the appalling sufferings they were subjected to last summer. In a statement issued here on Friday, HRF leaders K Sudha and VS Krishna said the migrants should be provided all the basic amenities, and their economic well-being and safety should be suitably addressed.

Several states like Maharashtra, UP, MP and Gujarat are reeling under a massive shortage of hospital beds, critical drugs and medical personnel, and are rapidly running short of oxygen. “We seem to have learnt little from the sufferings of last year. We are witness to the horrifying and extremely disturbing visuals from the mammoth Kumbha Mela gathering at Haridwar. And a few days ago, we saw the ‘Ugadi cow dung fight’ in Kurnool district, in brazen violation of the Covid protocols and directives of the Disaster Management Act.”

They said the response from the government has not matched the crisis on hand. They urged the AP government not to be complacent but to step in decisively before it is too late. They said it should not commit the same mistake of last year. They urged the state government to prohibit and put an effective stop to huge religious congregations, big assemblies and gatherings and election rallies. Adhering to social distancing norms and compulsory wearing of face masks in public places must be strictly ensured.

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