Adele looses weight drastically in a year by following ‘Sirtdiet’ but are diets actually okay to be followed ?


There is a fascination of people in terms to looking pretty, fitting into desirable clothes but does that mean you start starving or follow a strict diet? The answer is NO.

And it comes a nutritionist Point of view, being healthy that matters and not fitting into someone’s desirable quotient.

Adele lost about 20 kgs in a span of one year, yes she has been doing pilates or exercise but 90% was her diet regime.

Everybody’s body needs are different, some are good with carbs, some are allergic to fatty or sea foods.

Preparing diets on own and skipping meals is not how people will become thin.

Person needs to have a balanced diet with good nutritious food as well as workout.

What worked for Adele may not work for commoners. Hence plan the food and exercise wisely.

By Roopsha bhattacharjee


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