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Adhere Covid-19 protocol, virus threat still looms large


With the gradual dip in Covid-19 positive cases coming out day after day including the mark of the death toll and impressive recovery figures giving people of Andhra Pradesh enough reasons to cheer. Nevertheless, does the flattening curve mean that the threat of the dreaded virus is subsided? Well, doctors say no.

Public health experts opined that the looming threat of Covid-19 is very much there and lowering of guard or flouting the measures such as wearing mask, frequent washing of hands, and strict following of social distance may lead to a second wave like the one was witnessed in Kerala and elsewhere in the world.

It is often seen that many people, even the educated ones, seem to think that the drop in positive cases is an indication that the virus is on the wane. Nonetheless, giving the norms the go-by can have serious consequences. With the easing of lockdown norms, many people are now seen visiting public places, jostling through crowd, and taking part in social gatherings without wearing mask and not maintaining social distance.

Speaking to Hello Vizag, B. Ramachandra Rao, an associate professor at the Government ENT Hospital said even after the positive cases going downwards, negligence of a few persons is enough to spurt in the number of infections if we see palpable new positive cases rising in Kerala and in USA and UK.

Echoing similar views with the Hello Vizag, P. Venugopal, Officer on Special Duty, Visakha Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS) said that the threat of coronavirus still looms large. Without wearing mask in public places is dangerous. The second chance of infecting cannot be ruled out at this point in time.

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