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Advancement in frieght traffic continues


The relentless focus being given for the Freight segment combined with the innovative measures and Concessions (Tariff and Non-Tariff) have led to the continued growth in the freight loading of Waltair Division of East Coast Railway.

The Freight loading of the Division for the month of October 2020 surpasses the freight loading of the previous month, September showing continued positive momentum.

The Division has recorded freight loading of 4.65 MT during the month of October 2020 compared to the loading of 4.58 MT recorded during September-2020, despite the cascading effect of COVID-19 pandemic. From April to October-2020 the Division has achieved 29.12 MT in loading, generating revenue of Rs 3402.69 crores by moving on average 36.6 rakes per day.

More importantly, upswing in the growth in freight loading witnessed in almost all commodities. In the Current Financial Year, Indian Railways has announced several freight concessions and introduced several policy initiatives. In addition to these, Business Development Units (BDUs) have been set up which has been instrumental in strengthening the freight traffic in the Current Financial year.

The Regular interactions were done with the customers involving Officers and Staff in making the customers aware of the several advantages of loading by Railways and the special attention being given to the movement of the freight trains.

Shri Chetan Kumar Shrivastava, Divisional Railway Manager, Waltair has complimented the committed efforts of all the concerned departments in achieving the enhanced freight loading. He advocated that the BDU shall continue concentrating o¬n generating new traffic apart from retaining the existing traffic.

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