After Nadia been affected with COVID-19, Vizag Zoo is taking extra precautions to safeguard the animals from the novel virus


After the the Malayan tiger Nadia was affected with COVID-19 in Bronx zoo, New York. A circular was given by the forest department to ensure the steps in safeguarding the welfare of animals in the Vizag Zoo.

What’s up with Vizag zoo?
The precautions have been taken since the month of February. The caretakers are less than 50 years of age and are supposed to wear masks, gloves while they go closer to the animals.

They are advised to maintain and follow the hygiene at their home. CCTV surveillance is being done for each animals to check whether they are keeping fine.

Even the food provided to animals are washed thoroughly to maintain the sanitation. Checks are been done, so that if any animal is found with the symptoms will be quarantined and tested for the virus.

As of now no cases have been recorded where there is a transmission of virus from animal to man, so do not panic and debar your pets. The vizag zoo and caretakers are taking enough measures to curtail the spread of virus and protect the animals from it.


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