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All you need to know about Dengue fever to stay away from it!


With constant rains and changes in the weather, Vizag is reporting a lot of Dengue fever cases. In fact, it is leading with 462 cases. Most of the affected ones are children. So, it is better to stay safe and take some precautions in order to stay away from it.


This is a viral disease that can be spread by mosquitoes. It is generally transmitted by a bite of the Aedes mosquito if it bites a person that is affected with Dengue. It can’t be spread from human to human.


The symptoms generally start after 4-6 days after being infected. The major symptoms we can observe from a person who is infected from Dengue Virus majorly include:

High fever
Severe headaches
Joint and muscle pains
Nausea and vomiting
Pain behind the eye
Skin rashes
Nose bleeding, gums bleeding and minor bleedings and bruising.
If you witness any of these symptoms don’t forget to rush to the doctor and start medication that is prescribed by the doctor.

Preventive measures

As everyone said, “Prevention is better than cure”. It is better to take some precautions and preventive measures in order to stay safe from being infected with this virus.
Protect yourself from mosquito bites. Use mosquito repellents if required.
Wear long-sleeved clothes and full pants to cover your body.
Make sure to clean your cooler if you have one at your home.
Try to include mosquito nets in your homes.
Keep your dustbins clean and try to discard the waste whenever possible.
Use closed dustbins.
Clean and empty any water bowls or buckets when not in use.
Try to sleep under a mosquito net. Use air conditioners when you don’t sleep under them.
Keep your home clean and tidy.
Try to close the doors and windows in the evenings.
Mosquitoes generally breed in stagnant water bodies and pools.


There is no specific treatment but can be cured with the support of your doctor. Do not try to take medicines yourself. Always contact your doctor and take medicines that are prescribed by them. Include fluids in your diet.

Stay safe!

By Priyanka Komakula

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