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Amaravati location official in December, land deals struck by November


The CID found that there was no official record of the decision-making process of the state between June and December 2014 as regards the exact location of the Amaravati capital city, its extent and the villages comprised therein and the Land Pooling Scheme and other infrastructural assets. Curiously, all the land transactions that the CID has been probing were done between June and November in 2014 and in the same villages where the core capital city was to come up.

The official records disclosed that the only information let out into the public domain was in regard to the meeting of the state Cabinet on September 1, 2014 to locate the Capital City in and around Vijayawada. A further development, as per the official record, is the meeting of the then Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu with the Advisory Committee Members in his chambers on October 25, 2014, about the dissolution of the existing VGTMUDA and creation of the CRDA.

The Advisory Committee that was set up by the TDP government to suggest the capital city was also called Narayana Committee. The CID found that the passage of events as officially recorded had indicated that neither the minutes of the Advisory Committee on new capital city set up by the then TDP government, comprising P. Narayana, the then Municipal Minister, Rajya Sabha Member YS Choudary, Lok Sabha Member Galla Jayadev and others.

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