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Amazing Pixar Short Films That Will Soothe Your Soul


Pixar Animation Studios is a computer animation film studio in America. This is based in Emeryville and it is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. It began in 1979 as a Graphics group. But later in 1986 with the funding of Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs it came up as a corporation. In 2006 Disney purchased Pixar from Steve Jobs and this transaction resulted in making Jobs the Disney’s largest single shareholder of that time. It is very much known for the CGI animated feature films.

Pixar has produced about 19 feature films starting from Toy Story in 1995 to the recent Coco in 2017. The Studio has earned 17 Academy awards, 8 Golden Globe Awards, 11 Grammy Awards. It even produced so many short films but not many of us are aware. So, we thought of bringing those brilliant Pixar short films to your notice. Check them out here.

Brilliant Pixar Short Films That You Shouldn’t Miss


This is one of the best short films from Pixar. It is written and directed by Alan Barillaro. This is a really touching short story by Pixar that has got some touching story. A baby sandpiper bird is the hero of the film. A flock of sandpiper birds hunt for food at a seashore, rushing to peck at the sand when the wave recedes and retreating when it comes in. One mother sandpiper bird encourages her baby to join the flock.

But she fails to retreat in time and is drenched by the incoming tidal wave. This incident makes the baby terrified of water and she refuses to leave the nest. But something happens next that gives some hope to this sandpiper bird. How she gets out of her fear and learns livelihood is what you need to look out for in the later part of the short film.

Sanjay’s Super Team

The next one in our list of some of the best Pixar short films is the Sanjay’s super team. This short film was written and directed by Sanjay. This short film starts with a card that states it is based on a true story. A young boy named Sanjay watches his favourite superhero show Super Team on the television while his father tries to do meditation in the same room. Sanjay’s father switches off the television and makes him to attend and participate in the prayer. He even takes away the boy’s favourite show’s action figure from him. But the boy again somehow manages to get it back by distracting the father’s attention.

But accidentally the toy catches fire with the oil that is lit at the prayer area. In an attempt to stop the fire that the toy has catches up, he also stops the shrine’s oil lamp. Then suddenly he will be transformed to a temple with three stone statues. Then what happens how he escapes from the demons there and how he returns back to the real world is what you need to catch up in the movie.

The Blue Umbrella

This is another one of the most amazing Pixar short films that you cannot just miss. This one is directed by Saschka Unseld who is from Pixar’s technical department. The short starts with the view of the scene from a city where everything will be seen brought into life with a rain. Every object there like the signs, lights, awnings, buildings, mail boxes, houses, windows appear to come to life as they develop faces and expressions. There were also umbrellas where some people were holding but completely in black colour except the one blue umbrella.

The blue umbrella sees a red umbrella next to him and both the umbrellas exchange glances. They feel attracted towards each other while their owners choose to go different paths. As the pair seems to part ways from each other, how the other things in the street work out together and help the parted pair rejoin together is what you can watch in the short film.

Tin Toy

This is another Pixar short film directed by John Lassater. The film takes place in a room where you find this toy called Tinny which is a mechanical one-man band player and a baby named Billy. At firs both of them the baby and the toy seems to have enjoy each other’s company until the toy Tinny finds how destructive the baby can be. Tinny tries to get rid of the baby and in that process harms the baby accidentally. The baby falls on the floor and starts crying. How the baby stops crying and what Tinny does for that is what you can catch in the short film.

Luxo Jr

This is another interesting Pixar short film directed by John Lasseter. It is a dark room with only one desk lamp named Luxo. The Luxo Sr. sees a ball with a yellow star and blue stripes on the desk and throws it away but it gets back to him. It get backs to him again after pushing it away. Then appears a smaller lamp named Luxo Jr. Then the small fun where the junior destroys the ball and senior gets angry at him. But then how the senior cools down is the twist in the short film. This is quite a fun filled short film.


This is another most interesting, fun to watch Pixar short films directed by Gary Rydstorm. The short film is all about the fun sequences that happen when a spacecraft comes on earth with two aliens on the space craft one taking the examination in alien abduction. How the alien taking the examination fails in all his attempts while making it funny for the audience watching looks interesting. What happens by the end? Watch the short film to know.

Partly Cloudy

The final one in our list of Pixar short films is Partly Cloudy. This one is directed by Peter Sohn. This interesting short film is all about clouds where the clouds can be seen making cute, cuddly babies like boys, girls, kittens, puppies and various other creatures. But there is one lonely gray cloud named Gus which is on the duty of making animals that look cute but are not very cuddly. The babies, animals these clouds create will be delivered by birds.

The animals created by the gray cloud will be delivered by a bird Peck gets injured by the crocodile. Fed up with the bites and injuries Peck seems to have flown away from the gray cloud. What happens next to the weeping gray cloud is what you can catch in the short film.

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