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Amit Shah: India’s Modern Day Chanakya


He is the most successful BJP President ever. Being the chief strategist of the party, he is a close aide to Prime Minister Modi. From controversies to winning elections in India with the majority. This is the story of Amit Shah, the current Home Minister of India.

Born on October 22, 1964, in Mumbai, he comes from a well-to-do Gujarati Hindu Baniya family. After graduating in Bio-Chemistry, he initially helped his father running a PVC Pipe business. He also worked as a stockbroker and in co-operative banks in Ahmedabad. Shah’s connection to RSS is since his childhood and his first meeting with Narendra Modi happened in 1982 in the Ahmedabad RSS circles.

Shah’s early political career begins with ABVP. Before joining BJP in 1987, just before one year, Modi joined the party. After joining BJP, he becomes the full-time activist of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) and rises progressively holding various posts. Amit Shah came to the limelight when he took up the role of election campaign manager for Advani during the 1991 Loksabha elections. In 1995, when BJP forms its first government in Gujarat with Keshubai Patel as the Chief Minister, the Modi-Shah duo worked together to decimate Congress in the rural areas.

In October 2011, when Modi becomes CM of Gujarat, over the next years, Modi-Shah sidelines their political rivals. Amit Shah wins the 2002 Assembly elections with the highest margin of 1,58,000 votes. During Modi’s 12-year tenure as Gujarat’s CM, Shah emerges as the most powerful leaders in Gujarat. When everything was going right for Mr. Shah, in 2010, he gets accused of orchestrating two police encounter cases. In connection with the case, he gets arrested with charges of murder, extortion, and kidnapping. This hits his political career big time!

He also gets banished from Gujarat for 2 years by the Supreme Court confirming his role in the Sohrabuddin case. In 2012, the Supreme Court grants him bail and he returns to Gujarat and wins the 2012 Assembly election from the Naranpura constituency. Shah’s declined political career revives after BJP’s victory in the 2014 General Election. Shah then played a vital role in UP’s victory. After which he got unanimously appointed as the President of the party.

Having been referred to as a Modern-Day Chanakya, in 2019 after BJPs landslide victory, Shah takes charge as Minister of Home Affairs within 100 days of the government. Shah-Modi- Doval trio plans for the Abrogation of Article 370 and successfully scraps it to make history. Shah is controversial, most-criticized but at the same time, an excellent strategist who is continuously perceived as a notorious figure in Indian politics.

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