Andhra Pradesh government gets a 4week deadline


Supreme court has dismissed an appeal filed by Andhra Pradesh government against the high court order, to remove the YSRCP party colours on the ‘panchayat and government buildings’.

Earlier, AP government had brought a revised GO Ms No.623, by adding a new colour(terracotta) in the bottom of the building’s by retaining the party colours.

A new petition is filed against the revised GO in the HC.Where the court struck down the government order and ordered to remove the party colours and repaint with new colours.

But the government went for the fresh appeal in SC questioning the HC order.The Supreme court under the bench of three justices rejected the appeal and given the government a four week deadline to remove the ruling YSR congress party colours on the panchayat and public buildings.

Also warned the government that non compliance of the order will attract the competent legal proceedings.

Inputs from Praveena Varma

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