Andhra Pradesh imposed a state-wide lockdown till March 31


With six positive cases of COVID-19 in the state, CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has imposed a state-wide lockdown till March 31.
Comparing to other countries, India as of now has reported more than 300 cases of COVID-19 that includes death of seven people. Better sooner than never, a collaborative decision was taken by all the officials, secretariats with the Prime Minister at a meeting on Sunday that to halt the further spread of the novel Coronavirus about 80 districts will be under lockdown which also includes seven states on a state-wide lockdown.
As of now seven states like Andhra Pradesh with (6 cases), Punjab with (21 cases), Nagaland (Zero cases), Uttarakhand (3 cases), Delhi (29 cases), Telangana (26 cases), Rajasthan (25 cases) have been declared a state-wide lockdown.
Though the situation is comparatively better in Andhra Pradesh than the other state, the CM decided to impose a lockdown of the entire state till March 31 as a precaution as it is a crucial period to prevent the further spread of the virus.
Isolation wards have been increased in the state and Doctors, Government and Police are collaboratively working to fight this out. And the Government urges people to not panic as all the essential commodities from Medicines, Food, Groceries, petrol bunks, gas, banks will be availed to the people. People need not panic buy or get worried.
All the public spaces like Park, Museums, Malls, Museums and many others will be shut as it is non-essential as of now. And even if the stores that remain open, people should not flock in and buy in large quantities as it is a requirement for other families too.
Everyone should get essential commodities of 2 days for one outside visit. Wine shops, bars, pubs will be closed as of now. More than five members shouldn’t meet as social distancing is a basic preventive measure.
Even the masks and sanitizers shouldn’t be sold at a higher rate as it is a essential in the time of crisis. Even private companies will be closed till March 31 but the employees will be working from their homes and should get salary as per 1987 act.
The people or work sectors that will be working as usual are Police, Doctors, Print and electronic media, Telecom services, Municipal services, Government services. Only 20% government employees will work on rotational basis.
Without any emergency or valid reasons people shouldn’t come out of their houses as it is a basic requirement for the time being to halt the further spread.
Trains, Inter-state buses are cancelled till March 31 and 25% of APSRTC buses will be working. Do not panic as collaboratively we all can fight it out just like the Janata Curfew did, it brought all the people together at their balconies appreciating the efforts of people and raising the spirits everyone.
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