Andhra Pradesh put on high alert for coronavirus


A techie who arrived in Bengaluru on February 20 and traveled on a bus to Hyderabad on February 22. After being tested positive for the (COVID-19) he has been put under observation in the Telangana Government hospital.

The novel coronavirus symptoms may seem petty but are quite deadly with the death toll increasing every day and taking away lives on a regular basis. It is causing an aghast impact on a global level. Despite the Government taking all measures to ensure the right way of detection of the virus, slowly people are getting detected with the virus.

The virus is so deadly as it has already affected 88,000 people worldwide and caused over 3,000 deaths. Few cases are coming out slowly and the recent ones have been the 6 people belonging to Agra have been shifted to Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital. The 13 members of a family went on a vacation to Europe and out of which 6 have been detected positive.

As the virus is spreading its tentacles, the Andhra Pradesh public transport department and railways have also been put on high alert. Ravi Kumar, the executive director of the public transport department said already posters about the disease have been pasted on the buses going to and coming from Hyderabad. About 100 buses ply on this route and about 3000 people come in on a daily basis. Also in the railway station, there will be a check for passengers coming from Hyderabad, and people are suggested to wear masks who are coming from Hyderabad to avoid direct contact.

About 11 people were tested for the virus in AP for now out of which 5 of them are from Visakhapatnam. The good news is all of them have been tested negative.

For now, there is no permanent solution for this virus to be put to rest and it is so strong that there have been cases where the virus relapsing.


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