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Angelina Friedman: 102 years old Mother of all survivors


On paper, COVID affects older people in a worse manner than anyone who is younger but this 102-year woman named Angelina Friedman has been all odds and has survived COVID twice and even lived through the 1918 Spanish Flu. She is a proper survivor.

Angelina was first tested positive for COVID in March when she was in the hospital for a minor medical procedure and when she returned home, she tested positive for the virus. She spent a week in the hospital before she got home and isolated in her room. Her fever lasted on and off for weeks but she finally tested negative on April 20th, 2020. In later October, Angelina’s daughter received a call from the nursing home and they told her that her mother has tested positive for COVID again. This was because more and more staff was also getting infected with the virus. Her initial symptoms were fever, dry cough, and weakness.

Some thought she probably had the flu. After almost a month, she found out that her mother had finally tested negative for the dreadful virus. Friedman was moved out of isolation back to her regular room and though with old age she’s lost most of her hearing and her vision is poor, she’s still celebrating life like any other. Angelina has had a tough life.

She was born in 1918 on a ship that was transporting immigrants from Italy to New York and it was all in the middle of the 1918 Spanish Fly pandemic which baby Angelina survived. Angelina’s mother died giving birth and her two sisters helped her to survive until they could be reunited with their father in New York City. Throughout her life, she has survived many things like Cancer, internal bleeding, sepsis, and more but that does not stop her from believing in joy and happiness and she moves on from her adversities like a total boss.

There are reports of many elderly people beating COVID. 90 years old beat the disease in Rajasthan and another in Uttar Pradesh while many such cases have been reported in Europe as well. So much so, that the Pfizer vaccine was first given to a 90-year-old proving that old age, while dangerous for a disease like this, can also beat COVID when you have the will and a strong resolve.

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