Animals are coming back to the green patches in the city


Previously it was seen in Italy how canals got cleaner, swarm of fishes came back to the clear water, swans and dolphins showed up too.

It is not just in Italy but globally a mass improvement is taking place in terms of air, water and Nature in whole.

The birds that you have never seen or heard, they are sitting on the branches and singing in unison.

From Barn Owls to Wood peckers and other animals are seen quite evidently on the green on woody patches in the city. Where humans are staying indoors, animals are relishing their freedom, nature is reviving back and leaving a sigh of relief from all the dirty air.

Animals are showing up in large numbers as previously there were major traffic and mass movements due to which animals would be scared but now they are having a free space to relish on. And the city is blessed to have both hills and sea hence a variety of animals are coming back to their old habitat.


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