Annular solar eclipse 2020


The first annular solar eclipse will occur on 21st of this month. It is said to be the longest eclipse and can be seen from many parts of Northern India, Africa, China and Pakistan.

The eclipse will begin at 09.15 am IST in the morning and will continue for six long hours. It will end at 03.04 pm on the same day. The annual solar eclipse will reach its maximum at 12.10 pm, and it seems like ring of fire from the earth.

There are three types of solar eclipses namely, the total solar eclipse, partial solar eclipse and annular solar eclipse. The new moon blocks out the sun casting a shadow on earth’s surface causing annular eclipse. This occurs only when the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned.

The sun’s visible outer edges to form ‘ring of fire.’ Usually the ring of fire disappears within a second but in some rare cases, it lasts for more than 12 minutes.

The last annular solar eclipse had occurred on the 26th day of December 2019. Also, not to forget about protecting your eyes. Do not look directly at the eclipse as it may cause loss of sight.

Inputs from Vuha Kunapareddy


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