Anushka Shetty presents her view on #MeToo


It was a year back that several industries were sweeped by #MeToo movement, where several girls, women belonging to different sector and finally spoke about what they had to go through.
From sexual harassment to abuse and casting couch, collaboratively they spoke about their experiences. Where some cases came out of blue and were nerve wrecking others were gruesome.
Whether man or woman everybody spoke about it even if they weren’t a victim. Finally sweety of Tollywood ‘Anushka Shetty’ spoke about #MeToo, she said though she has never been a victim of casting couch, she can’t deny of its existence.
There is the existence of casting couch but she didn’t have to face it as she was straight forward and said no to such things.
She also said the best way to come out of the situation is by saying a straight away no or detesting


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