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AP Cops Issue 7 Guidelines for Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations


Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the grandly celebrated festivals in India. Even Telugu states celebrate it with a lot of grandeur. But, this year considering the pandemic situation the Andhra Pradesh police have issued a few set of guidelines that needs to be following during the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in the state this year.

Anyone seen violating the following instructions will be punished accordingly said the police statement.

1. Anyone who wish to set up a Ganesh statue, should set up in their home
2. No gatherings should be allowed, no group pujas should be held
3. Everyone should set up clay Ganesh
4. The Ganesh idols should not be more than 2 feet
5. No kind of prasadam should be distributed near the Ganesh pandals
6. No cultural activities are allowed near the Ganesh pandals
7. No group gatherings while setting up the Ganesh and no gatherings even during Ganesh visarjan

So, let us all abide to these 7 set of rules this Ganesh Chaturthi and stay safe, healthy and happy.

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