AP Government hikes Liquor rates by another 50 %


After a long 43 day gap alcohol consumers in the state when are about just breathe a sigh of relief with liquor shops being opened up, Andhra Pradesh state government drops an un planned bomb on them today.

The state on Sunday imposed a hike of 25 percent on basic price of alcohol before being opened on Monday and people queued up at liquor shops from morning without following any social distance or any preventive measures of COVID-19 in large numbers at all the shops in the state.

With the opposition party stating this could have been the best chance for YS Jagan to ban liquor consumption in state. Government today made a statement saying that to decrease the consumption of alcohol they have hiked the prices and are additionally going to impose another 50 per cent of hike on the base price and ordered all the shops to shut down until further notice.

Which means a bottle of alcohol which would have cost Rs.100 will now cost Rs.175 plus the additional GST.

The state is said to record 68 crore rupees business on liquor with 3000 liquor shops being opened all over the state and by the end of May state is planning to reduce the liquor shops by 15 percent.

Though today 2300 liquor shops were opened in the state until further notice by the governments they are supposed to remain shut from tomorrow.

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