AP government re-issues ordinance on Panchayati Raj Act


In a sensational decision to bring amendment to the Panchayati Raj Act, Jagan Mohan Reddy government has renewed an ordinance. The ordinance was re-issued after the law had not been approved in state assembly within the six months. It is learnt that the Andhra Pradesh government had earlier brought in an ordinance on reforms in local body elections.

MPTCs, ZPTCs, Sarpanch have reduced the duration of the election process from 13 to 15 days. The ordinance stipulates strict disqualification of candidates who distributes money and alcohol in local body elections. Now that the ordinance has expired, the AP government has issued another ordinance while the opposition parties have stated that the government is doesn’t likes the opposition parties to contest in local body elections and demanded to withdraw the ordinance.

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