AP Partners with ISB for post-covid economic revival


Andhra Pradesh Government has partnered with Indian School of Business(ISB), Hyderabad sketch out a road map road map for sustainable development in the state post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister for Industries, Information Technology and Skills, M. Goutham Reddy on Wednesday visited the ISB Hyderabad and interacted with key professors to discuss strategies to revive economic growth in the state and come up with a long term roadmap for sustainable development in the state through data-driven policy making.

He expressed his keenness to see a seamless functioning of various departments towards development of the state and urged ISB to study the value chain of development perspectives in Andhra Pradesh and come up with a governance model to create a synchronous functioning of departments of development.

It will also try to use the skills of returning migrants. The returning migrants are often skilled workers who can be deployed productively in local jobs requiring similar or adjacent skills, which will also contribute to local economic recovery. ISB would like to contribute towards building a system to record the skill sets of returning migrants in order to assess the gap between skills and available jobs in post-pandemic times.

Inputs from Vuha Kunapareddy

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