APATA helps 22 Trolley Operators of Visakhapatnam Airport


The airport advisory board along with APATA president Mr Kumar Raja and members D. S varma and O.Naresh Kumar met the airport director Shri Raja Kishore and chief security officer shri Venugopal and discussed the current situation at the airport in lieu of covid 19. today APD informed that there were 5 flights into vizag and 5 take off. Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, and Bangalore 2 flights.

APATA requested that in view of rainy season the front canopy be made ready, APD promised to make it ready by mid June.

APATA also requested for Covid testing in airport be expedited so that ICMR approved labs in private sector be also permitted to do testing, so that people with negative results be exempted from Quarantine.

also the baggage delivery trolley operators about 22 in number were suffering due to lack of business / earnings due to lockdown.

each of them were given one 25 kgs bag of rice. Total of 550 kgs rice was given along with one kit containing one kg oil, one kg sugar, one kg toor dal, one kg salt one Masala powder packet. 22 such kits were given.

APATA are expecting more number of flights from June. before lockdown there were 75 to 80 flight movements per day.

But even during lockdown the spice jet cargo plane was operating in full capacity and this is great news for cargo operators.


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