App comes in handy to keep vigil in containment zones in Vizag


It sends alert about unwarranted movements to police

A few ago, about four persons, who were put under home quarantine in an area declared red zone for COVID-19, and advised to stay indoors, were found roaming freely. Thanks to the app installed on their cellphones, the Command and Control Centre received an alert and passed it on to the nearest patrolling team. The four persons were sent home, after a strong warning.

How it works
In an attempt to ensure a strict monitoring of the people who have been put under home quarantine across the district, the police have installed an app on the cellphones. The same applies to the people who are under surveillance for the infection.

“If the people in question go beyond more than 100 metres from their homes, the CCC will receive an alert and the nearest patrol team will be notified,” says Rural SP Attada Babujee, while explaining about how the use of technology has come in handy while maintaining vigil in the containment zones.

About a week ago, several people admitted to an isolation facility gave the officials a slip and ventured out. Their movement were detected through the app, which has been synchronised with Google Maps, says City Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar Meena.

“But the question is why people have to move out and force us to take up enforcement measures. We are passing through a critical phase, and people need to understand it and cooperate,” he says.

CCTV surveillance
To keep a tab on the people under scanner, especially in the containment zones both in the city and in the district, the police have taken to technology route.

Every containment zone spans over 3 km of red zone and 2 km of buffer zone. “We have barricaded all the entry and exit points, just leaving only one point for people to come out to buy essentials. In some areas, door delivery service has been facilitated. To monitor the movement, we have placed CCTVs which have been linked with the CCC,” says Mr. Meena.

The police are also issuing passes for people who have been engaged in providing the essential services.

The District Police have also engaged drones to monitor the movement of people in containment zones. “Once we come across some unnecessary movement or gathering in the containment zones, our men rush there to see that they are dispersed. All drones have been connected to CCC,” says Mr. Babujee, adding that the police are maintaining log books at the entry and exit points of red zones.

Source: The Hindu


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