Appointment of Nodal Officers to various Hospitals in Visakhapatnam district


The Government has taken several measures to prevent, control, and manage the outbreak of COVID — 19 in the State of Andhra Pradesh. To provide effective treatment for the patients who are admitted in the District Covid Hospitals, several protocols have to be followed and timely admissions have to be ensured in a hassle free manner. District Collector V. Vinay Chand appointed the following officers as Nodal Officers for the Hospitals with immediate effect.

Smt M.V.Surya Kala, Spl.Dy.Collector (LA), NH16, Visakhapatnam
Visakha Institute of Medical Sciences (VIMS), Visakhapatnam

sri. Naga Malleswara Rao, Deputy Director, Ground Water Department
Government Hospital for Chest and Communicable Diseases, Visakhapatnam

Smt R. Poornima Devi, TIO, Visakhapatnam
Govt. ENT Hospital

Sri. A.V. Ram Prasad, RD Tourism
Oncology Block, KGH

Sri Mallikarjuna Reddy, PO, SSA, Visakahapatnam ¬ – NRI Hospital

Sri Phani Prakash, JD, (Fisheries), Visakhapatnam – GITAM Hospital

Sri D. Rama Krishna, JD (Animal Husbandry), Visakhapatnam
Gayatri Vidya Parishad Hospital

Sri K. Gopi Kumar, PD (APMIP), Visakhapatnam- Pradhama Hospital

Sri P. Laxman Rao, AD (Fisheries), Visakhapatnam- Kims Icon Hospital

Smt. K. Rajeswari Devi, District BC Welfare Officer – Seven Hills Hospital

Sri.N.D.Milton DCO, Visakhapatnam – Apollo Ramnagar

Sri. R.O.V. Chandrasekhara Rao, District Coordinator, APSWREIS –
Shankar Foundation Hospital

Sri. V.S.S. Sastri, ED APSMF C Ltd – Indus Hospitals

Sri. V. Meshach, District Minority Welfare Officer – St Josephs Hospital

Smt. G.N.S.Leelavathi, Joint Director, Agriculture – Pinnacle Hospital

Sri. B. Lingeswara Reddy, DEO, Visakhapatnam – Care 2 Hospital

Sri. P. Ramana Murthy, PD APDASEAC- Medicover Health City Hospital

Sri. Subbi Reddy, DE0 Clerical – MB Hospitals

Revenue Divisional Officer, Anakapalle – District Hospital, Anakapalle

Sub Collector Paderu – District Hospital, Paderu

Revenue Divisional Officer, Narasipatnam – Area Hospital, Narsipatnam

The above mentioned special officers shall monitor and supervise all the activities in the hospitals mentioned against their names including but not limited to the following.

 The admission of the patients in to the hospitals in a hassle-free manner without making the positive patients wait outside the hospital

 The availability of the beds in the hospitals has to be updated in the designated website / portal in a real time manner every 6 hours to get the accurate number.

 The District Covid Hospitals are under the total control of the District Collector. It is therefore important that the patients referred by the District administration to these hospitals are accorded top priority and given the best treatment. The Hospital Special Officers mentioned above shall ensure the same.

 The communication with the control room is very important for the Special Officers mentioned above. The calls received from the Control Room have to be attended on Top Priority.

 The above-mentioned officers shall not leave the district headquarters without the prior written permission of the District Collector. Any such absence without permission shall be deemed unauthorized and shall attract severe disciplinary action. All the above officers shall report to the District Collector. Any other directive given by the District Collector from time to time.

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