‘AQUA’ Superyacht of Rs4,600 Cr being backed by Bill Gates the world’s richest man


When one has money, it can turn sand into gold and at the same work for its sustainability and longevity and the same principle has been adopted by Bill Gates.

Though Hydrogen-powered vehicles seem a costly affair it has been backed up by Bill Gates. He has ordered a $644 million powered superyacht called ‘Aqua’. The Microsoft co-founder will be traveling in an environment-friendly vessel that is built by Sinot, the Dutch company. The yacht has about five decks and is well equipped with a gym, helipad, infinity pool, and spa to chill along with the sea view.

Oozing out luxury not at the cost of disrupting the vibe of the environment, this vehicle can go up to a speed of up to 17 knots covering a range of 6,035 km. Another special feature of it is even if the hydrogen runs out, the yacht is backed up by a diesel engine and that can be used instead.


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