Are important happenings in India given least importance in media?


There are many important happenings in India but they are given less concentration and importance. Instead of that media is highlighting the matters of Sushant Singh Rajput case, Kangana ranaut issue, PUBG ban etc. and is actually hiding the facts of the important happenings in India is what few international media channel were saying.

AFP news agency stated that India has millions of Covid-19 cases and a border standoff with China. But the story dominating the news is how a Bollywood actress supposedly drove her ex-boyfriend to suicide with pot and black magic.

But that’s not the end, other important topics that are neglected include declined GDP, rise in unemployment etc. When the PUBG is banned talks were also on saying that government wants to deviate the citizens from the actual happenings of lower GDP and increased unemployment, broader issue with China, NEET issue etc and that is the reason of banning this gaming app.

The viability of these talks are left to your opinion.

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