Are you getting your daily dose of Vitamin D?


Vitamin D is essential for good health and bone health, it helps in calcium absorption by the body, but it’s not the end. Researchers have found that Vitamin D enhances the body’s capacity to absorb other vitamins and minerals.

Sunshine is the major source of Vitamin D and we usually get exposed to the sun for a few minutes in a day, so we feel that there would be no Vitamin D deficiency. 

But the answer is no, you may have some level of  Vitamin D deficiency, and reasons are many. 

Health issues associated with Vitamin D deficiency include:

1) Weaker bones

2) Fertility issues

3) Excess sweating 

4) Effects of general skin health

5) Viral infections

6) Heart diseases

7) Chances of diabetes

8) Chances of cancers

9) Increased risk of breast cancer

10) Complications in children etc.

Most people will not have symptoms and sometimes they will go unnoticed, but here are some signs of Vitamin D deficiency:

1) Muscles pain

2) Weakness

3) Weight gain

4) Reduced concentration levels

5) Headache

6) Dull skin 

7) Getting Infected often

8) Feeling Tired

9) Hair loss

10) Bones, back pain

11) Depression

12) Impaired wound healing etc.

Due to changes in sleeping patterns, unhealthy food habits, low or no exposure to the sun are some causes for Vitamin D deficiency.

Some Vitamin D rich foods are :

1) Milk

2) Eggs

3) Salmon

4) Mushrooms

5) Cereals

6) Cheese

7) Leafy vegetables

8) Oranges

9) Curd

10) Beans etc.

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